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"Living a positive and satisfying life is important. Counseling recognizes that at times we need help as we  pass through different stages of life."

Sandra Malawer,

The Director of the Center is 

Sandra Malawer. She  is a
Licensed Professional
Counselor (LPC)
and Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist (LMFT)
in the Commonwealth of



She has practiced in

Virginia for over 35

years and has

extensive experience

with a

federal Employee
Assistance Program
(EAP) with the
 intelligence community.
She is in private
practice at the Mclean
Family Therapy Center
(as its Director) & was  with the
Counseling & Psychological
Services at George Mason



Sandy Malawer was a

gubernatorial appointee

on the Virginia Board of

Counseling. She served as its Vice-Chair This is a state regulatory and disciplinary board. 


She was initially appointed by
Governor Tim Kaine and
reappointed by
Governor Terry McAuliffe.



Her graduate education was

at Johns Hopkins University

and did additional
graduate training at
Oxford University.



Her specializations

include military families,

marriage and  family
therapy, divorce & custody,
and cross-cultural counseling.



She has traveled widely

including England, throughout

Europe, Brazil, India, China,

Japan,  Vietnam, Turkey, 
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, 
and Indonesia, among
other countries.



She provides

pre-marital, marital,


and post-divorce
counseling. Individual,
couples and family
counseling are available.



She is licensed by the

Commonwealth of Virginia

as a LPC and LMFT.



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THE FAMILY THERAPY CENTER specializes in all aspects of individual,  couples and marriage counseling. In particular, we focus on fostering better communications, cross-cultural counseling, and on a "relationship-focused therapy." We view counseling as a way to assist clients in defining their critical concerns, identifying their strengths, and achieving their goals. Solutions are developed by formulating specific actions -- coaching you to achieve your true potential. Counseling is a positive action that empowers people. Allowing clients to gain control of their lives.


We specialize in all aspects of individual, marriage and family counseling including military and intelligence families, premarital, couples and individual counseling that often involves cross-cultural issues and developing better communication skills. Counseling is in a comfortable and confidential setting. Often individual counseling can lead to couples and family counseling.





The Family Therapy Center was established in 1986 in McLean, Virginia, as the Professional Counseling Center of McLean. The Center is located in central Mclean, Virginia, at 1313 Vincent Place, McLean, Virginia 22101. PHONE COUNSELING available. 703.893.9063. 703.346.7065 (cell).


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